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Ukrainian News Agency LLC is Ukraine's leading news agency with a twenty-years' history. The Agency is a leading supplier of news, photos and video for the media and business. Ukrainian News started in 1993. The Agency releases a line of 30 plus information and analysis products in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The regional network of reporters covers all regions of Ukraine.

Ukrainian News' core operation is making news for mass media and business. Every day the Agency puts out upward of 350 stories about events in this country. The most popular newswire categories are: government, president, parliament, foreign policy, authorities, security agencies, mass media, occurrences, sport, macroeconomy, finances, insurance, agribusiness, metallurgy, energy, oil and gas, chemical sector, telecom, transport, machine-building, construction, central government finance, stock market, banks, grain, consumer markets, alcohol, tobacco, dairy sector, meat industry, fisheries, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, field work and weather forecast.

Ukrainian News Agency LLC ranks first in the number of daily released news items and in the speed of their distribution.

The Agency delivers its products by paid subscription. It produces news in three languages, Russian, Ukrainian and English, thus servicing foreign clients - media, embassies and commercial companies. Among our clients are leading Ukrainian mass media, the biggest business entities, banks, political parties and consulting firms.

The Agency runs a group of websites ( being the head one), a photo production and sale service, a press centre for roundtables and press conferences, and a video unit with its quadcopter and certified pilots.

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